Why cant I add photos to my Facebook business page album?

Part of attracting customers after learning how to claim a Facebook business Page involves uploading photos. People want to see the products and services you offer, whether it’s food, furniture, or clothing, to name a few.

When done right, compelling and high-quality images can be the deciding factor when it comes time for the purchase decision. When marketing copy fails, images can get the job done.

How to Upload Facebook Business Profile and Cover Photos

First impressions are crucial to success, which makes your profile and Facebook Business cover photos even more important. These are the first things that potential customers will see when they visit a business Page so it needs to be appealing from the moment they visit your Page.

Facebook Business Profile Photos

Changing your business’ profile picture only takes a few clicks:

  1. On your Page, click on the camera icon on the bottom-right of the profile image. You can choose to add a photo from your existing gallery of images on your page or upload a photo from your computer. You can also take an impromptu photo. For best results, upload a PNG image file.
  2. Make edits to the image, and check the cropping window to see that it fits the circular frames. You can also add a brief description of the image.
  3. When you’re satisfied with the final product, you can click the “Save” button to finalize the process.

Facebook doesn’t have a recommended size for profile photos. However, it says that the image is displayed at different dimensions if it’s viewed on a computer, smartphones, or other mobile devices.

  • Computers: 170 x 170 pixels
  • Smartphones: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Most feature phones: 36 x 36 pixels

Facebook Business Cover Photos

You can accent your Page by adding a cover photo, which can provide additional context about your brand. Similar to the profile picture, the process for adding the image is just as easy.

  1. Click on the “Edit” or “Add a Cover” button on the bottom-right corner of the cover image frame. You can choose to upload a picture from your computer, choose from existing images on your Page, or create a slideshow. If a cover photo already exists in the frame, you’ll see options to reposition the image or remove it.
  2. After choosing the new image it will then appear within the cover photo frame. You can drag it around so that it positioned correctly.
  3. Hit the “Save” button when you’re done.

Cover images appear in the dimensions of 820 x 312 pixels on computers and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones. For the faster load times, Facebook recommends uploading an image that is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. It should also be in a JPG file format with sRGB color spacing, which should also reduce the file size. Facebook also mentions that the image should be less than 100 KB in size.

Uploading General Photos to Your Facebook Business Page

Cover and profile pictures aren’t enough to attract customers to your Page. You’ll need to keep a steady stream of images on your timeline, and you can do so with the following steps.

  1. Click on the Photo/Video button underneath the “Create a Post” template to add one or more images to your Page.
  2. A separate window should open showing the image(s) you uploaded. You can choose to add more photos, edit the ones in the post (crop, rotate, add captions and alternate text), or write some words to accompany the image.
  3. Click the “Post” button when ready to add it to your Page.

Can I Use Facebook Business Manager to Upload Photos?

Facebook Business Manager (FBM) can help you create Pages for businesses with multiple locations. By setting up a parent-child Page system within FBM to upload the same profile and cover photos to each Page at once.

You can upload the pictures to the parent / main Page, which will also affect the location / child Pages. You can also choose to change the cover and profile photos for specific Pages to reflect special events or upcoming deals.

However, any future changes to the main Page’s profile or cover images might override the custom photos picked for location Pages.

The Value of Learning How to Upload Photos to Your Facebook Business Page

If your Facebook business Page was just full of text, people would not be interested in the products and services you offer, even if they easily beat the competition. By uploading a profile picture, cover photos, and a constant stream of photos and videos, you can create a Page that is not only visually appealing but inviting to the customer.

Instead of reading multiple paragraphs about your offerings, you can use a short video or clean photo to easily illustrate the buying experience, which helps with establishing brand trust and creating a loyal customer base.

How do I add photos to an album on my business page?

Uploading an album takes only a brief time..
Click on "Photos" located under the page name near the top of your Facebook business page..
Select "Add Photos" located in the upper right corner of the screen..
Use the file browser to locate the first photo you wish to add to the new album and select it..

How do I add photos to my Facebook business page?

In the Write a post section, there's an option to add photo or video posts. When you click on that, you'll see even more options. Select Photo or Video. Then upload the photo or video of your choice.

Why is Facebook not letting me post an album?

If you are trying to upload more than 200 images to an album, Facebook will send an error message letting you know that you have exceeded your limit. However, you can create as many albums as you need, so all you have to do is split the images between albums.

Why can't I add photos to my Facebook page album from my phone?

Check the Photo Format Requirements.
Check the photo format. Facebook supports the following image file formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF..
Check the photo size. Try to keep your photos below 15 MB. ... .
Upload original photo versions. Facebook may sometimes fail to upload edited photos..